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All things CV - How to make yours masterful

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Your go-to guide for creating a CV – tailored to the healthcare sector

Let’s talk about CVs.

Yes, writing a CV is quite tedious. The task can seem tiresome, lengthy, and overall, not fun.

We’ve all been there. Rewriting 100 times, deleting paragraphs, starting from scratch after hours of editing… it’s enough to drive you up the wall.

Regardless of this, the importance of a good CV in the recruitment process cannot be stated enough.

If you are struggling to shape your CV, then you can be thankful that you stumbled upon this article.

Here is a quick guide for upping your CV game:

1. Let’s get down to the basics

First things first, let’s focus on the basic details that you need to be including within your CV.

Before you begin the process of writing your CV, bring together all the relevant information that you need to include. For instance, this consists of the following:











2. Layout & Order – Keeping things neat, tidy & focused

This leads us on to a third critical factor – layout and order. To create a successful CV, you should ensure that each section is presented in a structured, organised manner. By doing this, you make your CV not only easier to read, but also more effective in presenting each point.

In addition to this, you should also pay careful attention to order. This assures that the most integral parts of your CV stand out to the recruiter. An example of this could be by devoting more space to a topic of higher importance, or alternatively by shortening the sections that are less relevant.

3. Attention to detail – fine combing your CV

A mistake that should be avoided in your CV is tripping up on minor details such as spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors. Your CV should consist of skilful, formal language with a high register. This represents your professionalism as an individual and starts you off on a good foot with the recruiter.

4. Cover Letter – Sell Yourself!

Last but not least - let’s address cover letters. Ensuring that your letter is of good standard is vital, as this is your opportunity to sell yourself to the recruiter. Within your cover letter, do not neglect to showcase your talents, skills, achievements, and previous experience.

PRO TIP: Before writing the letter, make sure to do your research. For example, ensure that your knowledge is up to speed on the specifics of the job that you are applying for. By defining what exactly the post entails, this means that you can emphasize the skills that you possess that apply to the job and its requirements.

REMEMBER: The purpose of your CV is to represent yourself as an individual. Therefore, by falling short of creating a high-quality CV, you do yourself a disservice. By having a clear, concise, and professional CV, you are more likely to stand out to your prospective employer - and ultimately acquire your desired job!



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