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Battling Winter Multidemics: How to support healthcare in tough times

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The NHS is still recovering from the festive period. How can we make sure that they receive the support they need?

When the lights come down and the tinsel was removed from the wards and halls of different UK hospitals in January, there’s no doubt that the festive spirit quickly followed.

Once again, our nurses will go into their familial environments with their unyielding grit and determination to get through the most challenging period, year after year.

Their commendable spirit and tireless efforts to save lives is exactly that, commendable…but let’s not forget that pats on the back don't exactly pay the bills...

Winter Chills…

It’s been said before but this winter, healthcare workers face some of the most trying times on record. The healthcare system is facing dangers from every angle - extremely sharp increases in patients admitted to hospital with the flu, the threat of Strep A and of course how can we forget good old Covid that insists on sticking around?

Across the healthcare sector, people are doing all they can to warrant patient care to the best of their physical and mental ability but the grim reality persists that it’s not enough…

A large number of NHS trusts up and down the country have declared states of emergency due to the extraordinary pressure at unprecedented levels. Not only this, the healthcare service has faced a colossal staffing issue, accompanied by worker strikes during the hardest of times.

What’s Being Done?

If you're feeling jaded by empty promises to the NHS, you are not alone. But despite the recent past, it's clear that the strain on healthcare is beginning to capture attention.

Despite dividing opinions on the extent of their assistance, the government are reported to have ‘recognised’ the strain on the NHS in particular. £14.1 billion worth of funding for health and social care will be provided over the next two years and £500 million supplied this winter alone to speed up hospital discharges.

The NHS currently employs record numbers of staff compared to last year.

Yet, the supply continues to outweigh the demand.

It is challenging to keep on top of all things coming in and out, but when the going gets tough, it's important that healthcare professionals are able to spend some time over the winter with their loved ones.

What Can I Do?
  • Is a dodgy knee one for A&E?

Only visit A&E if it’s absolutely necessary. Anything life threatening…is necessary. If you have something urgent, dial 111.

  • Your local pharmacy does more than strepsils.

Make use of your local pharmacy’s knowledge and expertise. They can be your first point of call for any minor ailments and of course, can help you with your medicines (and strepsils).

This site contains online resources for assistance on symptoms, self-help and guidance on taking your medical issues further

  • Kindness is Key

Be kind to health and social care staff, they’re working around the clock to ensure you, I and our loved ones are being cared for. Gratitude or even a smile can go a lot further than you might think.

Are you a healthcare professional with experience working over the winter period? Share your story and let us know: How can we further support nurses during tough times?


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