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Will Healthcare ever go fully remote?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The pandemic changed our approach to healthcare, but is it solid enough to stay remote in years to come?

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Since the shift to hybrid and remote working, we're now free to revel in the flexibility of our daily actions.

Organising our schedule based on where and when we work has been a game changer. Now that only a few days are required in person a week, this has made space for accessibility and diversity in the workplace. The possibilities are truly endless.

But can the same approach be applied to an industry as intimate as healthcare?

The Human Touch

With a clear favour towards in-person interactions, does the elasticity of the post-pandemic era still apply to our beloved healthcare professionals? The opinions are certainly divided.

From a patient's perspective, the doubt stems from access to appropriate care.

One of the key reasons patients visit their GP is to receive accurate diagnoses. A professional assessing an ailment in person is much easier than snapping a photo or describing symptoms. It's easy to misinterpret details over the phone, which in some cases could very well be disastrous.

Additionally, some patients might require urgent treatment, which remote working can delay. So why take the risk?

That's not to say that remote appointments haven't been a huge relief for administrative teams. And in times of turmoil, efficiency is key.

With healthcare comes the expectation of stability and comfort. It remains to be seen whether the remote approach can keep up.

Although there are huge technological developments in telemedicine and A.I taking place, adding this digital layer between doctor and patient can have adverse effects on diagnoses.

Tech-ing It Easy


Ultimately, in both conditions, it is a double-edged sword. There is very little margin for error when dealing with people's health.

There are certain myths which need to be dispelled but, given the nurse strike and the general lack of local GPs in some areas, it doesn't give off the most optimistic vision.

Though it seems near impossible to fully transfer to the remote side, (and who's to say we will?) there are clear steps being taken towards its support and development.

The pandemic has normalised remote visits and appointments, which can only mean that it will develop in terms of the patient experience.

Many new businesses catering to the remote carer’s experience have also surfaced. Apps that handle the admin are making the care experience much more efficient and less tedious for all.

Ultimately it will vary based on experience, and there are already numerous ways to accommodate. Whether that’s a hybrid role to begin with, working some days remotely and others on-site or exploring temporary roles that are a mixture of both, it’s easy to make it work for you.

Why not have a browse of the temporary roles we have here at Staffing Professionals? You might find something more suited to your professional goals with a schedule that fits around you.


We're keen to hear from you!

If you’ve dabbled in remote positions, how has this affected your work-life balance?

The 'regular check-up' now brings different ideas to light. Share your experience with us! We'd love to hear what working remotely as a healthcare professional has done for you.

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