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Private Healthcare: The New Pre-emptive System?

With the NHS backlog spiralling out of control, the temptation of switching over to private healthcare is leading some astray. But is there a good reason to do so?

When was the last time you went to your local GP when there was nothing wrong…for a standard, general check-up?

Chances are that if you’re already working in the healthcare sector, you might be more inclined than the general public to have regular health checks - and if that’s you, well done!

The NHS invites us for health checks every 5 years, especially for those between the ages of 40 - 74 years old.

With the growing strain on the NHS, many are switching to private healthcare as a response. The reasons could vary from long wait lists to a need for more complex care, or it could be that people are starting to look at their health, preemptively.

Private Healthcare - The Statistics

Culturally, we pride ourselves on our NHS. In UK/US healthcare discussions, there’s not been one conversation that hasn’t included the old ‘you’d have to pay for getting a splinter out …’

So far, solutions for this administrative chaos taken on the form of self-pay healthcare. In the last year alone we’ve seen a 39% rise in personally funded treatments. This seems like a much more viable option for those of us who can afford it.

That said, there is about as much private healthcare insurance when it comes to visibility over our health.

The fact that people are choosing to pay for their own treatment during the cost of living crisis in the UK paints a bleak picture.

Even so, one in eight UK adults are choosing to switch to private medical care due to increasing wait times, amongst a plethora of other factors the NHS is experiencing.

The feeling of uncertainty and limitless waiting times pushes us to take matters into our own hands- which comes at a price.

The Possibilities of Going Private

We as a nation shudder at the very idea of forking out thousands of pounds for often routine medical trips… but what if it could be affordable? With already half of Britons considering shifting over to the private side, it begs the question of what the landscape will look like in 5 years' time.

Private healthcare coverage can vary from person to person, but the average yearly premium can be around £1,500 or £125 per month. Not a bad price to pay if you have that money to spare…yet that could be the difference between some families or struggling students not eating for an entire month.

But in the long run - how beneficial is this to our national healthcare? Granted, a lot of strain will be taken off of the NHS, but

We live in precarious times indeed, so the more we can prepare for what may or may not be around the corner, the better armed we are with the necessary knowledge to protect ourselves and loved ones from harm.

Anticipating another global health crisis could be the final drop that causes the exodus from public to private care.

What does the future of healthcare look like as more of us begin to preempt our illnesses?

Will this be a relief for the NHS’s workload or more of a threat to the way we are beginning to view our national health?

Drop your thoughts across to us - we’d love to chat!


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